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October 19, 2011


Awesome! I run Hood to Coast every year and my team had been considering the Bourbon Chase. Great photos!

The Bourbon Chase sounds amazing. Keep me in mind if you need another team member next year!

That stretch of land is some of my favorite in the country, though I may be partial as I have family in the area. We've done most of the bourbon trail as well; only a couple left to hit. I'm hoping that during the last tours I'll finally be able to sip the bourbon without the wince, burn and sip-regret. To actually *run* all the way through there is a feat -- bravo. Squash looks amazing. I'll have to keep my eyes open for Kuri squash.



It's a great race, Bill. (I've been thinking about Hood to Coast.)

Absolutely Elizabeth! That would be awesome if you joined us. (I didn't know you had another blog!)

How lucky you are to have family there! It truly is beautiful. Cheers to you Heather.

Coming across this post made me really crave the Autumn and the smell of roasted seeds. Yum! I really think I need to hop into my kitchen and re-create some yummy fall treats. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy I came across your site. :)

This was so delicious. I left out the cumin as I don't really enjoy this spice and it turned out subtly sweet. So glad I have another kuri squash on hand! Thank you!

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