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October 30, 2011


these look great. my costume is a murder of crows, i made a ton of paper crows that i pinned to my body, wore a crazy propaghadi shirt that had a pile of animal carcasses on it and wore ripped tights on my legs and arms - in the rips i put bloody gashes and did the same to my face. i explained this to everyone all night, especially super drunks girls (over and over again). anyway, cheers and happy halloween. chef friends on mine: http://bit.ly/sILJ2F and this: http://bit.ly/v1HrI5

Although Creep these are clever finger foods..lol

I just happened to check your website while looking for a cookie recipe. It's not yet halloween but I'll definitely try your recipe. I'll make different shapes instead and put almonds all over as toppings. Thanks for sharing!

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