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August 09, 2011


What an oasis!

Amazing views inside and out!

What a wonderful find and MT looks so beautiful! I'm jonesing for a roadtrip with lots of camping...and bakeries!

want to go, right now! visited Glacier as a kid with my parents and have been really wanting to take my partner Jill back to MT...so beautiful.

Just found you blog...jealous you got to go to Glacier. My niece is getting married today in Polson near there and I wish I could have made the trip. I finished my doctorate in May. Good luck to you with graduate school this year. What a sense of accomplishment. You also visited another of my favorite places -- New Orleans. I map out the food stops throughout NO every time we go! Thanks for sharing your adventures and the food.

It's a truly amazing place Alanna and Jen!

kickpleat - the camping and bakery combo can't be beat ;) I hope you get to enjoy a trip soon.

I hope you do Nishta! Such a breathtaking place.

Thank you Maryann and congratulations on finishing your doctorate. What an accomplishment! Glacier and New Orleans are definitely two of my favorite places.

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