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May 01, 2011


Sounds like a very special trip with your brother. I'm glad you were able to take the time to travel with him.

I loved reading this post! I guess in part because I'm jonesing for a road trip and adventure. Those pancakes look amazing and thanks for sharing your trip!

loved reading about your trip--beautiful shots, as usual (especially the car-bathing kitten!) I think road trips create their own kind of bond and mental memory file. also, your brother is adorable.

Your photos are amazing!

I looooove road trips and finding/stopping at special places, like that diner with the pancakes (yum!), along the way. Traveling by vehicle, you can really discover awesome, underrated parts of this country. For me, Utah is amazing and I can't believe there are people who don't know what it's like. But if Matthew and I weren't in LA the chances of me/us making it across Utah in a car would be slim - there would just be no reason for us to drive across Utah.

Too, I love that you noted the beauty of Northern Idaho. I have been in that area myself, with my father on a few trips to Yellowstone, and it's so gorgeous, as is Montana. One day I'd like to make it up to Glacier National Park.

I know you'll miss your brother, but at least you have a fantastic place to get away when you get the itch! I've always thought of Seattle as a super cool city, one that I have yet to see. :) But some day!

i so much enjoyed looking at these amazing pictures!

T’was a great trip! Although it is sad to know the two of you are living far from each other. But sometimes, we have to face our own destiny and grow on our own way. At least you two had a great time together which made your bond as siblings stronger than ever.

Thanks Beth, kickpleat, Irene, and Nishta! (Yes, isn't he handsome?)

Hello Erin, I've never been to Utah! I need to visit one day. I highly recommend Glacier. It is my favorite place.

Wise thoughts Irma, I agree. I'm excited for him.

Wow-ness. That looks like a nice road trip. It must be nice to have some camera skills. The photos taken in-between driving during trips like that are often excellent.

Thanks Jolandi! It was a great trip and a special opportunity to spend quality time with my brother. Good memories.

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