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April 07, 2011


Le Dog! I went to college in Ann Arbor. Le Dog is greatly missed.

Aw, I went to college in A2! I miss it dearly. You definitely hit up the best food spots in town!!

Great photography. Love those cat eyes.

Geez, looks and sounds like such a wonderful little trip. Thanks for sharing, Gem.

Wow! That archive looks awesome! It sounds like you found the perfect spot to spend your spring break. Thanks for sharing.

What, no Blimpy Burger?

how i love discovering new places. sitting at cafe sipping while oberserving the city my it's people!

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Lovely post, that sounds fantastic!
I'm also really fascinating by this food-book research combination. I feel like I missed my calling...

Is there a single better name in the universe for an archive than Longone? Simply perfect.

It was delicious Alex. I'm so glad people recommended it before my trip.

What a fun town Noemi. I'll admit to being a bit jealous upon my return to central Illinois.

Thanks Clayton. That cat was awesome.

Thanks Eileen! It was fun.

It really was perfect Mathilda!

It was on my list Wayne! Too many good places. Next time. Did you live there? Or did you visit when Brad was there?

Nadia, I agree. It's one of my favorite things.

You're welcome Sewa. Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you Kasia. It's a fascinating area of scholarship. I hope I can work with this kind of material in the future. I think your plans are working out quite well lately! Excited for you.

Isn't that perfect Christy? I'm glad you mentioned it.

1. It's a funny-weird feeling seeing pictures of oneself in the photo collection of a blog you read!
(I work at Comet and I hope you "hadanicecoffeetime".

2. TOTALLY UNRELATED: A couple regulars from the shop moved to London a year ago and I went to visit them in January. While there, we tried your rosemary'n'fig mac'n'cheese with cheeses from Neal's Yard Dairy. All that to say this: the next time you are in Ann Arbor swing by Zingermans Deli again and pick up some of that Neals Yard cheese and try your recipe again. This time, omit all of the butter. Yup. All of it. Trust me, you wont miss it. Oh and stop by Comet again too and say hi.

Welcome to and thanks for visiting Ann Arbor. Its a small city, but it's a pretty great one.

Woah! Hello A. Foster. I'm glad you found me. (Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment.) Comet was great, thank you!

Good tip about the mac and cheese. Neal's Yard is wonderful. I will give it a try next time.

I hope to get back to Ann Arbor one day soon. I have a friend starting school there next year. I will definitely drop in and say hello when that happens.


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