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January 25, 2011


I tried to do this 3 years ago and only got to February. Nice work and great photos.

I gave up all my resolutions by about January 15th, so making it to September is awesome! And your photos are gorgeous to boot!

I love each and every one! I must say, though, that my favorite has to be the one from last February... course, I'm a sucker for hearts!

Absolutely beautiful, Gemma! I would pick out a favorite, but it's impossible.

Great roundup - look forward to the coming year!


Thank you Christine. One day I hope to make it the full year, but I'm satisfied for now.

Ha! Thank you Krista. I enjoy your website, thanks for the introduction!

Thank you Erin. How is Penny LA these days? I miss seeing your posts!

Aw, thank you Terry. I appreciate it.

Thank you Clare. I love your website, your photos are beautiful! I look forward to reading more of it.

Thank you Kasia!

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