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November 23, 2010


interesting, i never thought to add molasses to pumpkin pie. can't wait to try that ingredient. i also noticed an early post wherein you talked about your librarianship coursework. good for you. librarians rock. i'm one too.

Oooh, I like the addition of molasses and how dark it makes the filling. Yum.

Hi Rebecca, it's great to meet another librarian who writes about food. Thank you for visiting! I agree, librarians rock.

Hi Jeannette, I love how the molasses changes the appearance of the pie too. There is something oddly more satisfying about a deeply hued pumpkin pie.

Gemma - My favorite pumpkin pie recipe since I first saw it on your site. I made it twice this year. Always a hit! I have referred a number of people to your blog for the recipe. It's really amazing! Thanks.

Thank you Dave! As one of the best cooks I know, that is an especially flattering compliment! I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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