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July 01, 2010


Congrats Gemma! That is so exciting. I am also jetting off to grad school in NYC and I can't wait. Have fun at school and fill me in on all the details :)

http://thesandwichlife.typepad.com/ is an OUTSTANDING, well-written local blog. Not solely a food blog per se, but she does post outstanding food / garden shot and occasional recipes.

Also, http://market-at-the-square.blogspot.com/ must be on both your www and 'for realz' "must check out" list! The page has some good links to other food blogs, too...

Congratulations on your new opportunity. Long time reader, first time commenter... My mom actually finished a graduate degree in Library Science in her late 50's (mainly for a higher up position in a library system she has been part of for a long time). She had a great time with it and I'm sure you would too.

Hopefully you won't be too busy to keep sharing deliciousness with us!

So exciting! I hope we can meet up in Chicago one more time before you move.

Congratulations! This is the month for big changes, it seems. :) Three cheers for pursuing the life you want - I hope you love grad school.

big congratulations, Gemma! I'm excited to hear that you're taking on something that feels like a breath of fresh air & welcome challenge. I'm with Sam--I hope you'll still post here periodically :)

and I just spent a wonderful half-hour scrolling through your Project 365 pictures--so lovely.

way to go, gemma! congrats! it takes guts to change so much of your life, but this all sounds very exciting. when it's right, it's right, so don't worry. wonderful things are waiting for you, i'm sure.

Hi, Gemma. Congratulations to you! I have read your superb site several times and just stopped by again to read your news.

Do you know Scott Koeneman of Fight the Fat Foodie? He's in major gift fundraising in Monticello, and I've visited his site a few times. The reason I remembered his background is that my career has been not-for-profit development and senior management - including f/r in Chicago, where I grew up). Scott wrote about going to the farmers market in Champaign, so he might be a very good contact for you:

I grew up immediately west of Chicago and went to the big university on the city's south side (seems cryptic but a give-away to a Chicagoan, no?). Thus, I know many people who went to the U of I but years ago. I visited there nearly 30 years ago, so I can't be much help, otherwise.

All the best to you!


Looks like you're venturing into a new part of your life - yay!

One of my good friends Breanne is in grad school in the same field - I'm fairly positive you two would hit it off (she's in Iowa, though).

And though riding in Chicago wasn't TOO bad, a college town will definitely be more conducive to cycling.

Thanks Amanda. It sounds like things are going very well for you in NYC. I am so glad!

Thanks, as always, for your great recommendations Tim!

Hello Sam. Thanks for commenting! I love hearing about happy MLIS degree-holders. Thank you!

I miss you Joanna. I hope Madison is treating you very well and I hope we will meet up one day soon.

Thank you so much Shannalee. It is interesting how these changes seem to be contagious. I hope things are going great for you!

Thank you Nishta! I have so many photos I need to get through. I hope to have more to share with you soon.

Thank you Dana! I feel very fortunate to be able to make this change.

Thank you for the great suggestion Dan! I really appreciate it -- even though I am responding to it a bit late.

Thanks Erin!

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