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May 25, 2010


Sounds refreshing,can't wait to try this!

Sounds DELISH! We're going to try this (with Tecate, of course!) for our next "porch date."

i could go for one right now. but it's 9 am. sigh.

This sounds perfect and it's not even that warm out here yet. Nor is it even close to noon.

it's dreadfully humid in northeast ohio, too. this drink sounds like heaven.

xo Alison

Its actually called a michelada...its from Mexico. While some micheladas can come with clam juice, its really just beer mixed with lime juice and salt.

Oh, I used to do this and forgot all about it and I never gave is such a great name. Very Chicago! I am going to sit out on my back porch of my traditional Chicago three flat and have one tonight. Thanks

Ha! Well, the jury is still out a name. I've had multiple emails/tweets insisting that this drink is both a michelada and a chelada. I am sticking with "Porch Beer" for now.

Thanks everyone! I hope you have had time to enjoy a tall glass as the country heats up for the summer.

Tim, so glad to hear others have porch dates! I really love watching our neighborhood.

My Communal Table, thanks! You're right, there is something very Chicago about that name.

I love this photo! IT makes me super thirsty.

Looks awesome, I can't wait to give it a try!

Thanks Andrea and KImproved!

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