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February 26, 2010


I love, love, love that you resolved to walk outside every day at lunch. That is brilliant, and if I had more than 20 minutes to call my own each lunchtime, I would SO do the same thing. What's so cool, I'd imagine, about doing that is you SEE the seasons change before your eyes.

And I am so with you on winter - I've been ready for it to end since December, but I also get so much joy from the longer daylight we've already been given, as well as the hints that spring is coming. Anticipation is kind of a gift, at least when it is finally fulfilled, you know? :)

Your walk photos are beautiful. Here in Austin, we usually have lots of sunny 70s "winter" days spread among the storm fronts and occasional chill. But it's been crazy cold here this year, even snowed this week! So I appreciate your daily walks and looking for signs of spring.

Wanted to share some of my favorite San Francisco spots. Links and photos here:





And don't miss Kabuki Hot Springs and Japantown.
Enjoy your trip!

I love Mushroom.. and this recipe looks great..

Great post, Gemma!

When Matthew and I lived in Tallahassee, I worked as a financial analyst at the newspaper and was ALWAYS busy. But even if it meant staying late (which usually it did), I would try my best to get outside during a break and go walking. It really helped to clear my head.

And that's fantastic that you're making your way to San Francisco - I'm sure it will be a wonderful reprieve from Chicago and its winter weather.

I looked at that photo, before reading the post and thought, "Oh, I forgot how long winter is in Chicago." More of a sigh out loud, than a laugh-and I've been away more than twenty years. I'll give you credit for taking exercise-I used to shudder at the thought of walking a few steps to my car.

Hang in there, the 100+degrees are just around the corner.

I know what you mean! I just got back to Chicago from a trip to San Diego, I definitely didn't want to leave! It was so nice to go hiking and to enjoy nature, I wish we had more chances for that here.

Tried your cabbage last week, it was great! Concerning the risotto- I have an issue with barley's texture. Is it much different in a risotto, ie not as bouncy and chewy?

Hi Shannalee - I've really enjoyed making it through the winter and watching each sign of spring emerge. I wish you had a longer lunch break! Loving the longer days, indeed!

Wow, thank you for the San Francisco suggestions, Lauren! I'm really looking forward to this trip!

Thanks Erin -- I can't wait to enjoy some of your California sunshine!

Thanks Goody - would you believe I've actually kept up running outdoors this winter too? I'm so glad spring is on its way!

Hi Kaitlyn! It seems like everyone I know took a trip to California this winter. I imagine I'll have a hard time returning too!

Hi Sprout, very happy to hear you liked the braised cabbage recipe. The barley risotto retains much of the barley texture. If you aren't a fan, perhaps you could substitute another grain and adjust the cooking time accordingly. I bet a farro would work nicely. Or you could just stick to the standard arborio. I

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