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January 18, 2010


WOW! I just ate the pecan bar I bought at the hideout an hour ago and I have never eaten anything so delicious. Really. wow.

How many Weight Watchers points do you think they have?

Hi there,
It looks like you won my prize for Menu for Hope, woo hoo! (I always like it when it's someone I know who wins.) As soon as you get the official e-mail from Pim, send me your address and I'll get it ordered for you.

That's so flattering, Sally! I'm thrilled to hear that. I sincerely hope no one sits down to crunch the nutrition data on these...

I just saw that in the wrap-up, Kalyn. I'm so happy! I've been trying for that raffle item for a few years now! I'll be in touch as soon as I hear from Pim. Thank you!

Oh my. I wish I had one of these RIGHT now.

I've got to try this one out :)

That is awesome - way to go! I would like these but would have to omit the pecans due to nut allergies in our home. I would also love to make them with Kamut Khorasan Wheat flour for all the added nutrients! This looks fantastic - thanks and again "kudos"

This is killing me. Looks amazingly rich and sweet. My kind of treat.

Thanks Samantha and All Recipes. Give them a try! Baking with caramel can be slightly tricky at first, but the results are so good.

Glad you like them smilinggreenmom. I bet substitutions would work well here, but I'm not sure what a good pecan replacement would be. Let me know if you try them without the nuts.

Thanks kickpleat! They are so rich and lovely. I might have to make more this weekend.

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