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October 09, 2009


LOVE your Maine pics, Gemma! Thank you for bringing back the delicious memories of this wedding trip.

How lovely! I was just in Maine in August, and we spent a full day hiking (and, I thought, near-dying in the process) in Acadia National Park, and it truly is incredible. Well, as you know, the whole state is beautiful. Gorgeous photos. I'm so glad you were able to go!

looks so lovely! never been to Maine but it's tops on my list...seems like an excellent, warm weekend of good people & a happy occasion. renewing.

I wish we were back there Meg! Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago soon though.

Thanks Shannalee, I'm glad you were able to enjoy Maine this summer as well. I loved it and I know I'll be back.

It was wonderful Blue Jean Gourmet. I highly recommend it if you ever have the opportunity!

The fresh seafood looks so good! I haven't had the opportunity to eat any in awhile. Thanks for the blog.

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