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September 19, 2009


Sounds so good. Love the idea of making up a batch of the filling to serve with ice cream (lazy man approach), but I think I would want to go all out and make the whole turnover. Such a good flavor combination. Especially for fall!

What a great combination of flavors for a turnover!

Gorgeous photography and I am definitely making this! Thanks!

Ok, you've gotten me in trouble with this one lol. I was sitting here craving something sweet but substantial and now I wish there was a 24 hour grocery store so I could run out and make these. I work with Del Monte, and we have these really great recipes out right now enhanced by our pre-peeled Superfruits and citrus bowls. If you're interested, try our Mango Chicken stir fry, it's really good! I wanted to share with you because you so graciously shared with me :). Visit the link for free coupons for our "undressed" fruits too!


These look delicious!
Have you thought about submitting something to Brighter Planet's Mastering the Art of Sustainable Cooking Contest? They have sections about using local or leftover ingredients, and reading about your use of honey here made me think you might like the contest...
Check it out here: http://blog.brighterplanet.com/sustainable-cooking/

Very nice recipe! You should submit this to Recipe4Living.com!

I just found your blog and I love it. The pictures are amazing.

Thanks Siri and Joelen. It is such a great autumn flavor combination.

Thanks for the compliment Morta di Fame. I hope these turned out well for you!

Thanks Molly, Jessica and Hillary. Wow, so many contests. I'll look into both, thanks!

Thanks Food Hunter!

Looks so tasty. This is something to try this weekend. It looks mouthwatering recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks vitamine A. I hope it worked out well for you!

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