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July 09, 2009


This sounds delicious. Beautiful photo too, Gemma. Why do you think they have you pierce the potatoes? Does it perhaps reduce the splitting of the potato skins or help them cook faster?

Thank you Terry! I think it reduces splitting, though it may very well speed up cooking times as well.

What a great blend of flavors!

The herbs and lemon zest sound delicious in a potato salad!

I just found your blog, while doing a search for beet cupcakes and oh my god, I ADORE everything you have posted! Lovely, lovely!

that looks fantastic, thanks for the recipe!

Thanks Joelen and Kaitlyn!

You're welcome lola, I hope you enjoy it.

What a sweet comment, thanks Renai!

Chance upon this while looking for garden herbs. Makes my mouth water. I will try this recipe. Thanks for posting it.

You're welcome Nova, enjoy!

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