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March 01, 2009


in praise of scones!!



i made raspberry scones this weekend too! but i should have added orange zest. now that would have been amazing.

I love scones, they are my favorite thing to bake! I'm excited to try this recipe, I've never tried them with raspberry jam.

I love scones, are my favorite to bake.mmmmmm Yammy.

Thanks Heather. I love your blog name by the way.

It was a great scone weekend kickpleat!

Thanks Kaitlyn and Andrea!

These look delicious. I used to work in a bakery and make scones every day (resulting in an avoidance of them!), however these definitely have turned the tide back!

Grr.. Can't believe I still haven't gone to the publican. Need Pork.

EJ--It's funny how doing something you love for work can have that effect. I hope you can enjoy scones again soon!

Jude - The Publican is amazing. Go soon!

Hi, I made a slight variation of these scones today - substituting home-made cumquat jam for the raspberry, and although i still followed the instructions, my dough turned out very wet - it resembled muffin batter and I had to add a lot of extra flour so that it would be shaped into the 3 rounds. The end result was very heavy, but they still tasted like scones. Do you know if I might have done something wrong? I am sure I put in half a cup of milk and two eggs but maybe my flour was the wrong type - it was just ordinary cake flour.

Hi Michelle,
I think the cake flour could be the problem. Cake flour has less gluten than other types of flour and can result in a thin, gummy dough when used in a non-cake recipe. Try using all purpose flour next time. Generally, if recipes do not specify a type of flour, the recipe is calling for all-purpose.

Thanks!! I just assumed that it would be cake flour because I used it the last time I baked scones. I'll definitely give it another try sometime :)

Good luck Michelle!

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