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February 03, 2009


DogFishHead 120...nice touch!

Great dinner. Except the buttermilk did not taste good at all.

Oh man, I have definitely wanted to try this for a while, and after your success with this stuff, I am totally considering buying some! it sounds so entertaining!

What a fabulous dinner event - everthing looks delicious!

We're really glad you all enjoyed the party - sounds like you had some great foods to try. Did everyone have different favourites?

TOTALLY INSPIRED. I'm having one next Friday! I read about those a while ago but didn't know 'real' people who had tried it. THANKS for the post~!!

Very interesting. A kind of lab experiment at the table...

It was a lot of fun! I highly recommend it.

While the response to the foods was slightly different for all of us, it did not vary too greatly.

OK, totally off-topic here, but I'm curious about the furniture. I think I've seen the table somewhere, but I can't place it now. The chairs look like either Anna Chairs from DWR or the Bellini Chair. Am I close?

How fun! This past Christmas we gave away miracle fruit tasting baskets to friends.

Hi Bowl of Plenty,

The party was hosted by my friends Ben & Ruchama. I'm not sure about the origins of the chairs, but I can tell you that Ben has quite an eye for interior design and that DWR is probably a spot-on guess for their chairs.

Hi Eviedee, what a great gift idea. I'll have to keep that in mind for next year.

a party in your mouth. literally.

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