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February 23, 2009


I LOVE zuni's lentil soup

...and the roast chicken and biscotti.
It's a great book.

Yours looks lovely : )

yum! i've got pretty much everything i need to make this, but i need to take a break from soups since i've been making them pretty much non-stop for about 2 weeks. My husband who hates soups would probably appreciate a reprieve! but i'll put this on my list, definitely :)

This looks delicious and perfect for the cold weather!

lentils, incredible simple and tasty food!

How great! I love lentil soup and I love the Zuni Cafe cookbook - can never go wrong with that one. The photos are very homey and appetizing!

Thanks for posting this recipe. It turned out great. A quick and simple soup, like this, is very handy to have.

Thanks everyone. I'm glad to hear that others are as enthusiastic about the Zuni recipe. It is definitely a keeper.

J.F.-- I agree, simple soups are often the best.

This is lovely. One can throw in a bit of turmeric too, since it's good for memory function. Also if I have leftovers I drain the liquid a bit and add my favorite vinaigrette, plus crumbled Feta cheese, and turn it into a salad. Green lentils are simply the best, they don't get too mushy like the red variety. Thank you!

You are welcome Lynn. Great suggestions with turmeric and salad!

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