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February 09, 2009


i'm in love with this already. so simple with only five ingredients - especially the little cuties!



This looks wonderful! I have some almond meal that could be used up and this recipe is a great way to use it!

I'm confused when you say "the original recipe isn't clear on whether or not to retain the juices."

After going through a food processor, don't the oranges end up just as a pulpy puree? How does the juice get separated? Or did you lose a lot of juice when you split the oranges? (When I made this, the clementines I had on hand were seedless, so I just tossed them whole into the food processor.)

In addition to placing parchment on the bottom, I'd also recommend lining the side of the pan with parchment. This cake is really sticky.

I didn't use foil, and my cake got a lot darker than yours all around, but it didn't taste burnt.

I agree the result is good, though, if a bit unconventional compared to cakes made with flour.

just this weekend I made a lemon tart with whole meyer lemons. So I am excited about this cake because I too have the almond meal and cuties on my kitchen counter. Do you think an orange or almond liqueur would compliment this cake or would it be unnecessary? Sounds so yummy and looks pretty as well.

I have made this cake and it was nice. Much better than I had thought it would be. It also kept pretty well, which is pretty nice since there are only two of us in the hosue.

Tried this cake last night. I was a little freaked out about the batter without flour but it turned out great! No clementines on hand so I used 3 tangerines and a hand full of kumquats. YUM. Like Bowl of Plenty, I suggest lining the bottom of the pan with parchment paper, in addition to the sides.

AmyRuth: I added a teaspoon of anisette to mine and it was subtle but fresh.

Ok, this is much too delicious to post. Our collective drool factor is past, ya know, like really high. Thanks for the recipe.

I want this cake! All I need is some clementines. Just beautiful! I love the carmelization!

Heather, the short ingredient list definitely inspired me to give this a try.

Bowl of Plenty -- when the recipe instructs the reader to split the fruits and remove any seeds, the juice is hard to contain. I thought some clarity in this part of the instructions would be helpful to my readers that want to check for pips. As cakes pull away from the sides of the dish when they bake, I found I only needed parchment on the bottom of the pan. But you are right, it is quite sticky!

AmyRuth, I bet an almond liquor would be perfect with this.

Jeni, glad it turned out well!

You're welcome CU. Enjoy!

Thanks Marie, I also thought the caramelization looked nice.

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