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November 19, 2008


I love regular old pumpkin pie and this looks fabulous! Can't wait to make me some.

I actually don't like pumpkin pie but happy Thanksgiving to you! I'm actually headed to Chicago. Let's cross our fingers for no snow between Chicago and Ohio!

I'm so glad you use canned pumpkin! I mean roasting your own is fun, but canned pumpkin is so much easier and just as good. I love Thanksgiving!

I have never seen molasses in a pumpkin pie before and I must say, I an wanting to try it!

Thanks Liz! Happy travels to you Tracy, It's cold here!

I agree Forkable. I love having the time to roast pumpkin and make a pie truly from scratch, but it isn't terribly necessary -- especially when you have a whole menu to prepare!

Hi Kelly, I really like the molasses in here. It adds a depth to the flavor that is lost without it.

Pumpkin Pie is looking great. I saw many pumpkin pie recipes on net. but your's is different.

Thanks for posting

What a gorgeous pie... and I love your pics - so stunning!

Thanks Culinary Resources and Joelen!

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