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August 19, 2008


I bought all the ingredients to make this, I'm going to try it today. There are some items in the granola I have never tried, like millet and flax seed meal. I'm looking forward to eating the granola with some yogurt and berries! Thanks for the recipe!

But isnt buying them so much easier? ;) j/k, they look delicious!

I'm surprised to see steel cut oats in granola, they aren't too dry...?

I made this granola over the weekend -- it's delicious! Next time, I'm going to substitute rolled oats for some of the steel cut oats. I think it would make a better breakfast cereal that way. Thanks!

Excited to find a granola similar to one I enjoyed in Playa del Carmen at http://www.lacuevadelchango.com/ La Cueva del Chango. They have wonderful fresh, flavorful food. Breakfast choices are amazing and they serve their granola with your choice with or without a combo of yogurt, fresh fruit and oatmeal. Ymmmm It can't get any better than that. Besides its a wonderful place to enjoy those you love.

OMG!! I have been dying to find a recipe for this granola after I tries it on the island. Thank you so much! It's heavenly. :)

You are welcome Rikki! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it on the island, too. I think it is pretty amazing.

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