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July 30, 2008


Oh man, that looks absolutely rich and moist ! Tortes are awesome due to the lack of flour and I haven't made one in months and months. I would probably use 1 cup of preserves instead of 1/2 raspberry liquid though. That'd be ok, right?

I'm sure that would be fine. It is possible it would make the final product a bit less moist, but it would definitely be worth a try.

wow. no doubt about it--that's the most moist cake i've ever seen. and since i happen to think that chocolate and raspberry are two of the most complementary flavors ever, i'm smitten. nicely done, and thanks audrey!

Looks gorgeous, sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll have to try this sometime!

This sounds wonderful! We have a large event coming up, do you think I could freeze The torte until a day or two before the event then thaw & glaze? Or even do the entire thing, glaze and all, and freeze?

I think you could definitely freeze the torte for a day or two. I'm not sure about the glaze, but it would probably work.

Great idea!

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