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April 02, 2008


Sounds fabulous! (Mayo and sunflower seeds, two of my favorite foods!)

Show pictures of the Cats!

The salad sounds delicious but I really want to see photos of the cats and the gorgeous house! I'm snoopy!

is the broccoli blanched? It looks so green! Is that just a result of chilling with the mayonnaise?

Thanks Kalyn, it is easy and delicious.

Hi Nick and Aran, I will be sure to add some pictures of the cats when I get back home on Monday.

Hi Sarah, you can blanch the broccoli if you would like. I believe it was slightly blanched in the photo version.

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Yum, I love that kind of a salad. I usually use raisins but cranberries sound better!

Hi Tracy,

I've found that I really like the cranberries, or even sultanas. Sometimes plain old raisins are too cloyingly sweet for me.

this sounds delish!

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