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December 04, 2007


They were really good rolls, beautiful.

These look and sound delicious, Gemma. Also loved the warm, wonderful story. Sometimes when I read about such direct, in-touch-with-nature lives, I wish I could be a person who could do that. But mostly, the city boy in me subscribes to New Yorker Fran Liebowitz' view, which I will misquote here: "The out of doors is what one must pass through to get from one's apartment to a cab.

And I even forgot to close the quote. Dang.

ooooh, those look so good! i've got to get over my fear of yeast. one of these days....

What a nice winter roll! The aroma must be divine. Thanks for the recipe. I'm printing it out! ; )

these look wondrous!

Hi, those squash rolls look wonderful, I love the color! I'm also a fellow Chi town food blogger stopping by to say Hi!!

those are just gorgeous. i want one!!!

Those rolls look wonderful. I have some squash leftover from my CSA bag. I may have to try them.

I'm a Chicago native and now live in Rochester, NY. Your blog makes me a little homesick.

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