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June 11, 2007


Mmm. That elk sausage looks tasty.
Sorry about your wrist. I hope it gets better.

I suppose it was wise not to put pictures of your enlarged hand next to pictures of the food. Still...

wow, your meal looks tasty...tho i'm not sure i'd be too keen on the celery soda!

Ah...a TRUE foodie. I was impressed you went to eat first [your wrist must have hurt something awful] but your reasoning is sane. Sorry HMO's suck so much that you got the "If it hurts in one week....if it doesn't...." what bullstuffy....

Your food looks delish [great pics] but I love the previous post of Nicks burger with the egg...must.have.one.of.those. HEE!

Nice blog!

You have got to be kidding! I fractured my wrist about a week after you did. Rather, my fifth metacarpal. I got mostly the same response, too.

And I, too, have been mitigating the pain by eating delicious food. In fact, I just stopped by to get some recipe ideas.

Hope your wrist is feeling better by now!

Those duck fat fries could cure anything.

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