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February 15, 2006


your focaccia looks wonderful! I made focaccia a couple of weeks ago for the first time and it wasn't too successful -- too flat and hard. But I'll be trying again!

mmm focaccia! Welcome back!

First I uncover you heinous scheme to make carrot cake without me, and now I find out you've been making foccaccia behind my back. How can be so cruel?

Hi Mumu. Good luck with the second attempt. If you would like advice, it sounds like you may have either had a dry dough or didn't knead for the proper time. In the end it just takes practice though and I am sure your next one will turn out great!

Hi Adrienne, thank you! It is good to be home.

Oh John, you know I wouldn't leave you out of the carrot cake affair. . . You might have to actually come see my parents some weekend to get your hands on some focaccia though. . .

Thanks for the advice. I'll be watching out for these things the next round. 8-)

It looks delicious Gemma! What I love about foccacia is that it is easy and quick to prepare, perfect for when having last minute company for dinner :) Hugs,

Hi Melissa, I agree. For that reason it is one of the breads I make most often!

The foccacia looks wonderful; I have such a weakness for good bread. I must admit, I was first glancing at this post I thought the egg bake somehow involved the preceeding recipe. So now I'm obsessed with the idea of focaccia and eggs!

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