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January 20, 2006


I love ajvar, too. I first got to try it in 1998 in Bosnia&Herzegovina. I even got a recipe from my host for making it myself - once I get hold of 10 kg of fresh and aromatic peppers they sell in the area:)
Luckily there are few shops in Edinburgh that stock ajvar and it's not too bad actually.

Ooh, even though I have no access to the 10 kg of local peppers that you mention, I would love to take a gander at the recipe if you ever have a minute to send it my way.

I will definitely be on the ajvar hunt when I get back to Chicago.

you have some awesome pics here. i hope the baked goods are as good as they look on your blog.


ajvar is great. next time you visit zagreb, leave me a message on my blog

here is my cheer to ajvar. i saw that trader joe's carries it nowdays. great.



Hi e.r.,

I too have been pleased to find ajvar around Chicago. It seems like several establishments have picked it up in the last few years. I'm quite glad.


Rich's ftw!

Yes! (And Ann's Bakery right up Leavitt, too)

I am serbian myself and grew up eating the stuff, my favorite brand of ajvar that we buy in the chicago area is "Biljana Makedonski Ajver Hot". Its perfect and you will probably find it in some world markets.

Thanks for the suggestion A.P. I usually shop at Ann's Bakery in West Town for Ajver (it's near my work). I'll keep an eye out for the brand you mention. Any favorite shops to suggest?

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