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December 14, 2005


Although all your photos are fantastic, the spirulina roll is my favorite! Happy Holidays and Hugs from Panama :)

Thanks Melissa! It was a gorgeous little roll. I hope you are warm in Panama. We leave cold Krakow today for even colder St. Petersburg!

Dear Gemma,
Glad you liked Bavaria! I haven't been to Garmisch for some years now, but really enjoyed every stay in the past... Talking about Käsespätzle (or Kaasspatzn), we just had a big bowl of them yesterday... with another big bowl of salad... I love them! Enjoy your trip and a very happy 2006 to both of you :)

Hi Nicky, I really loved Bavaria. The food, the people, and the land--It was beautiful. I hope I can return for a longer visit one day. Happy New Year's to you as well!

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