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November 12, 2005


Mmmmm. It seems like years since I've had a really wonderful melt in your mouth croissant-- probably when I was in Paris, come to think of it.

Enjoy Gemma. You're making my mouth water from miles and miles away.
(By the way, the pictures look fabulous. Thanks for making the effort to share them!)

Thanks Mindy. I have to admit that I have never tried to make croissants. They seem quite difficult. Perhaps when I get back to Chi-town we can try our hand at them. What do you say?

Its a date!
I think it was hard to get inspired to bake this summer what with the oven/horrid heat combination, but now that its getting cooler I keep wishing you were around to bake with me.

Perfect timing, I will be back Feb 1st and I guarantee it will be cold enough to yearn for a hot oven. I will be homeless and looking for one as well. I can't wait.


You guys are always welcome at my house if staying with parents gets too exhausting. I'm sure L would love to have company as well.

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