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November 28, 2005


I would have never thought to try no-bake cookies. They sound pretty good.

My mom used to have a no-bake chocolate cake recipe that she learned during her all-female college days. I'll see if I can get it from my aunt and send it to you. That might be fun to try while you're stuck all oven-less.

Hi Gemma, Im sorry to hear that you dont have an oven. I can relate, as I am still ovenless in my apartment too! I keep trying to find workaround desserts to make so Im impressed with your no-bake cookies. I hope you are enjoying your time in Krakow!

I love coming to blogs like this, feeling a little snacky and finding the perfect recipe. I have all the ingredients on hand and am going to go make some cookies to fuel my essay marking jag.

Can I also say that your trip is pretty much my dream trip?! I absolutely love Eastern Europe (okay, all of Europe) and have been to alot of the places you have been in recent weeks. Didn't make it to Poland because of the visa process being too long for us, but will go next time. Have fun!

I am glad I could help. Small food diversions have helped me through many an all-night essay writing session.

I am having a great trip. These past few weeks have been especially amazing. I highly suggest Poland next time you have a chance to travel in this area. It is a lovely place in the winter too.

Good luck with the thesis!

Gemma, when do you return? I am going to be in London the last week in January and would love to see you if by coincidence you are also there :)

oh how cool!! I have a recent post featuring boiled oatmeal cookies..basically the same recipe, except I used peanut butter, which I'm sure is probably what your original recipe called for.

That's so neat tho =)

Hi Laura, We return on Feb 1st, but we are unfortunately leaving from Beijing rather than London. It would have been fun to see you in another new place though!

Hi Jaay, yes, many of the recipes I looked at before making these called for peanut butter. I am glad you too made and enjoyed something similar.

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