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October 12, 2005


It alarms me to admit, but the cheese and marmite bread sounds rather appealing! Marmite is a staple in my parents' household, and every one in a while I will "try" it again, but still have not acquired the taste. However, the look and texture of that bread may make me a convert!


Talked to your Mom the other day and she told me what you are up to, I think it is wonderful. I'm so glad you are getting this experience. I did a little hitch-hiking in Europa during the summer of 1968, I was twenty. Best thing for a young person, to see where we came from and how others are living. And, oh my!, the bakeries are heaven.

Your friend looks nice! Even with a mouthful from Mr. Sandwich. BTW, the photos are breath taking.


Wow! everything looks so beautiful and the yummy food is everywhere!!!! have a fabolous time---and please keep us posted :) Hugs from rainy Panama!

Tara, it was so good! I too was a tepid Marmite fan before this bread.

Hi Marcie,
So nice to hear from you! I hope you are well. We are having a fantastic time, and yes, John is great!

Thanks Melissa! We are having definitely having fun!

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