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October 17, 2005



Hi Gemma, sounds like a lovely visit, and I love the picture of the sheep, they are quite adorable. The feast looks fantastic and I cant help but wonder if that is a slice of Chris' famous olive bread on the last picture. It looks yummy. You two are definitely feasting well on this trip of yours.
I hope you enjoy Belgium!

hi gemma, what gorgeous pictures...sounds like you had a really lovely time...i really like the looks of all that bread...

Indeed Mindy, I miss you.

That is indeed the olive bread Michele, so good! Belgium was amazing, thanks for the well-wishes. I hope you are well too.

J, it was pretty superb! There is something so amazing to me about living in a place where nearly everything is not only locally produced, but also of amazing quality.

Tom and Chris look suspiciously like sheep.

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