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September 22, 2005


Oh man. I can tell that checking this blog without food on hand is going to be a very very bad idea. Now I must go forage in the shameful cafeteria of 1155 E 60th street for breadstuffs. ::single tear::

They look gorgeous! I actually just bought a set of english muffin rings, so I'm looking forward to trying to make some of my own. So, about how far up do you fill the rings?

So jealous that you made english muffins - I wish I could do that! I can't wait till I get the nerve to try some of the stuff you make!

I've been meaning to do these for such a long time now. Yours look great.

Cute leaning tower.

Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something suitable in the cafeteria, however it sounds as if you were less than hopeful. . .

Hi Alice, it is all about the rings. You should fill them about half way up (perhaps a bit more). A few trial and error attempts will quickly have it figured out. Good luck and do let us know how they work out!

Judging by your site, I bet you could make most of this stuff better than I can Joe!

Thanks Nic, give them a go. They are quite satisfying on a weekend morning.

Thanks mzn, it was the only way that I could think of to display them well. I wasn't so sure about that picture, but I do kind of like it now.

Che buone!
I'm hungry...
Bye by nymax, hc member

Hi Nymax. Thanks, here's to HC!

Youve made them beautifully, theyve turned out well, but one thing I have to correct as this drives me nuts with americans all over the place .... you may know them as " english muffins " but they are not muffins, they are CRUMPETS ..... muffins here are more like a kind of flattish bread roll that responds well to toasting, but it does not resemble a crumpet at all.

Hi Britcook, thanks for the nice words. However, I am a bit confused by your distinction between muffin and crumpet. Perhaps I have led you astray with my use of the crumpet molds, or perhaps I really am just like all these other nutty americans you speak of, but don't crumpets entail the characteristic holes on top? Also, I have never heard of splitting crumpets to reveal a fluffy interior. . ?

If you search for 'crumpet' on my site, you will see a post on some that I made. I would be curious to hear your verdict on those.

Thanks for any help clearing up the subject.

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