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August 03, 2005


I didn't think anyone else knew about ting. and that picture of the cheese curds made me hungry... I know what I'm doing first thing when I get back to wisconsin...spotted cow and fried cheese. delicious.

Hi Gemma, what a wonderful description of Waupaca. I've never been there but you certainly make it sound very charming. Inner tube rentals and the Ting Pop!
And I'm so happy that you posted a picture of those cheese curds, I was hoping you would. I will be daydreaming about them for a while. It sounds like you had a great time, I'm sure it was hard to leave!

Wow Lizzy, I had no idea anyone else had heard of Ting either. I am impressed. Mmmm. fried cheese curbs and spotted cow. I wish I could eat some with you, but it sounds like I will be gone when you are here. . sniff.

Thanks Michele, I'm glad you liked the cheese curd picture. I remembered your request and was sure to document them for you!

I don't think so... but it's really that book..


My Family goes to waupaca too. Here's another story about waupaca from my dad.

I found your post while searching for Ting. Having grown up in Waupaca, I have very fond memories of Ting and thought it was long gone. I used to love the orange.

While the Harbor's cheese curds are ok, there are many other places in WI with curds that put the Harbor's to shame. My favorite is the "battered" variety. I used to like the Harbor's, but I don't even eat them now that I've tried these. Often they are fresh and hand battered. The version the Harbor sells are frozen and can be purchased in nearly any store, food club, or your local "Schwans" distributor.

I want a Ting shirt! Where can I get one?!

I wish I knew Tammy! I want one too.

Just got back from Waupaca. after 27 years of almost yearly waupaca vacations, my daughter, now 25, had to announce that her "childhood is officially over" when told that ting is no longer being made. sad. sad. sad. and to think of how i recycled the cases of ting that we'd bring home to downers grove, il., but then forget to return it to waupaca. now, i feel responsible for the end of ting. we did visit clear water harbour, the red mill and our favorite restaurant The Pine Tree Supper Club that is closer to New London. Also, scooper's ice cream and the Tom Thumb miniature golf continues!

I spent every summer of my childhood in Waupaca as well, making the 2 day drive from New York with my parents and brother and sisters. We would stay a couple weeks on Round Lake with my grandparents, who lived there year-round. Katie, I read your Dad's story and loved it (I started going to Waupaca in the '60s). Sadly, my grandfather passed away 4 years ago, the house was sold, and we have not been back since.

I remember cheese curds and Ting - the green Ting was the best! We used to walk to Lorimer's Trading Post every night after dinner and buy frozen Milky Ways and eat them in the little park across the street. Later, we would sit in that park and wish we were old enough to get in to the Casino!

I am hoping to get back to Waupaca soon, but in the meantime, I am looking for Waupaca or Chain-O-Lakes sweatshirts or T-shirts. Does anyone know if there is any place to get them online?

I was just up in Waupaca and can confirm that Ting was no where to be found - Even at our old stand by Weller's. The end of an era indeed.

I'm so glad I wrote about Ting. The memories you have all shared with me about Waupaca have been a joy to read. Thank you!

This is awesome. I am the granddaughter of Sarah Lorimer who ran the Trading post.

I so miss every weekend, summer, trip up to the Chain.

I will have a special connection to this place for the rest of my life.

Great time of year to be out on the Chain!

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