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July 22, 2005


Hi Gemma, lovely picture! Your trip sounds wonderful, have a great time. I'm insanely drawn to the idea of fried cheese curds.. Take a picture of those, will you? :)

That really is a gorgeous picture! Sounds like a nice place you're going to too - mmm, pancakes!

And I forgot to say - very Audrey Hepburn! I just checked out your brother's site, AMAZING pictures! You can be proud of him!:-)

I definitely will Michele, they are superb!

Thanks Zarah, he really is an amazing photographer, I will send the appreciation along to him.

Thanks for the well wishes you two, see everyone soon!

Fabulous picture! I love black & white photography. Hmmmm. It seems I've discovered your blog just as you skipped out of town. Guess that gives me more time to sift through your archives. Looking forward to your return. Hope you have/had a wonderful time!

Hi Gemma - I hope you are having a lovely time with your family. I can't remember how, but I've actually been to your brother's site before... great pictures! I'm glad you are making something with matcha too, I just hope I'll have time to do it!

a classic b & w photo - it's lovely! your brother takes amazingly beautiful pics. my sister in-law likes photography - this is her website www.apparentlynothing.com.



Hi farmgirl, keiko, and Antonietta. Thanks, I will pass on the nice comments to my brother. And wow, Antonietta, your sister's photos are gorgeous!

thank you, i'll let her know.:-)

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