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July 14, 2005


These look great, rather like a light version of baklava. Great entry - and thanks for participating in this month's SHF, Gemma!

Hi Nic, thanks again for hosting this SHF! Yes, they are much like baklava, my boyfriend said the same thing. I like that they are cookie-sized to nibble on. I think the flavors are also quite a bit lighter and more delicate as well.

Mmmm. Unfortunately, I often am not around when Gemma is baking and since her wonderful treats don't seem to sit around very long without being eaten, I rarely get to try some.
I was, however, fortunate enough to get to try some of these fresh out of the oven.
They were fantastic!
Thanks Gemma.

As an aside, the brick wall behind the honey jar reminds me a lot of the walls in The Grind, off of Lincoln and across from the Davis Theatre.

Thanks Mindy! I am glad you were over when they came out of the oven.

Don, I love brick walls, they have so much character. This one can be found on our back porch (which is really just a glorified stairway, I suppose.)

Hi Gemma, they look fantastic, Im especially drawn to the addition of pistachios. Im glad that you mentioned that it would take well to substitutions, it looks like it would be fun to experiment with!

Great looking palmiers Gemma. Heavens, there goes the diet!

Palmiers are such a great cookie/pastry to make with honey...why didn't I think of it before now? These look delicious!

Thanks so much for joining in on SHF!

Michele, I am all for substitution experiments. Let me know what you try!

Thanks Ana, diets are over-rated ; ) Nice honey cake on your site. I will have to look around it a bit more.

Thanks Jennifer! Your ice cream sandwichs look amazing. Thanks for starting SHF too!

these are fantastic! I think these taste better a day old. I added some lemon zest to the honey/rum dipping sauce. Fantastic recipe.

Hi Tiffanie,

I'm glad it worked out well for you! I love these. The addition of lemon zest sounds great. I will definitely try that next time I make them.

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