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July 30, 2005


Gemma, those pancakes look STUNNING!

I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of tea--blaspemy, I know!--but I can't resist echoing Zarah Maria. Those pancakes are drop-dead gorgeous!

scrumptious looking pancakes!

Gemma, I'm glad you could participate and that you went for a matcha extravaganza too ;) I'll definitely try the pancakes with yoghurt sauce, the combination sounds really intersesting. I love all of the pictures, they are lovingly captured.

Yummy pancakes! The yoghurt sauce sounds great too.

I love the color - so beautiful! I was so sorry to read about your mugging... I can imagine how scary it was and how frustrating it is to be without a camera so soon before your trip. I would probably search the 'new and used' sellers at amazon, perhaps looking for a camera that's a little out of date but a good price. My backup camera is a Canon Powershot A80 with 4mp, and it does a fantastic job. Anyhow, glad you're safe and good luck!

Thanks Zarah, I hope your vacation is going well!

Molly, while I like cooking with tea I can certainly understand why others might find it blasphemous. Thanks for the nice comments!

Thank you Antonietta!

Hi Keiko, I was worried that without a sweeter base the matcha would be overwhelming, but the flavor went superbly with the butter. Let me know how they work out for you if you try them. (And I suggest using crumpet rings. They took well to a little coaxing upwards).

Thanks boo_licous (What a fabulous name!)

Hi Melissa, thanks for the kind thoughts. Yes, I think second hand will definitely be the way to go. I have been sifting my way through Froogle and looking up certain cameras, I will do the same with the A80. Thanks for the suggestion!

What fluffy perfection those pancakes are! I love using the molds, and making pillowy little cakes rather than thin silver-dollar sized ones. They look perfect with the sauce, but I'm sure they'd be equally delicious with a drizzle of honey.

hi gemma, what a gorgeous gorgeous spread! the pictures are stunning, and the flavour combinations utterly unique, especially the pancakes and yogurt...cheers,j

Ooh honey, great idea Tara! I too love the molds. They can make great things look even better.

thank you J! (though I think the term spread can only apply to your entry, amazing!)

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