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July 07, 2005


First off--delurking to say 'Hi' and 'I love your site' and 'thanks for writing about all the yummy options in Chicago'.

As a fellow 4-H veteran of both the baking and the State Fairing (mine was in clothing and arts and stuff), I just wanted to congratulate you, many years later, and ask you if you stayed in the (prison) bunks when you went. While 4-H teaches one all sorts of useful things, it really hammered home just how much I don't want to experience prison.

I just found your blog today and have eagerly read through your recent posts. The muffins looks wonderful and you've got me tempted to try a recipe for gougeres in one of my new cookbooks!

Thanks Emily! I'm glad you have been enjoying the site, and no worries, I lurk other places too. And yes, I DID stay in that prison lodging! What a weird place! I did some clothing a few years as well, I bet we crossed paths a few times there.

Michele, I am glad that our blogs found each other, yours is also excellent and I have enjoyed looking through your archives. Give the gougeres a try, they are so delicious. Let me know how they work out!

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