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May 27, 2005


I have a fear of piecrust. It never seems to go well for me. But seeing photos of lovely pies likes these almost makes me want to recant that fear. Why does it have to be Diet Sprite? Would tonic/soda water work as well?

What a lovely pie Gemma! And I love how one can "recieve 2 pounds of lard" - as long as they don't put it on my hips, I'd love to be the reciever too!;-)

My sister also commented that we could leave the tinfoil on the sides until the pie was almost finished. (until there was only 5 minutes left, instead of 15)

I had lots of fun too Gemma. Thanks!

Tara, I am also afraid of pie crust. I bite the bullet and attempt them every now and again with much variety in the finished product. People keep telling me to just practice and practice, which I know is the best advice, but somehow I am still convinced that there is a secret out there that I haven't been let in on yet. I don't know if regular Sprite would work. Mindy and I speculated that the sugars might effect the result, but we are not sure. I have also been told a bit of vinegar promises the same results.

Zarah, Mindy does bring back some lovely things from her trips back home. It is quite nice.

I agree Mindy, though I think they turned out pretty well. We should do this again soon (there is, of course, plenty more rhubarb!)

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