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May 19, 2005


Gemma, if I start sending you depressed-sounding emails, will you send me packages of sugary goodness? Because I can pretend to be sad for the sake of cookies.

Also, have you thought about making rhubarb sauce? My mother makes it every year, and it's delicious either plain or warmed and served over vanilla ice cream. If you'd like her recipe, I can ask her tonight.

what about: rhubarb chutney, rhubarb ice cream, rhubarb and ricotta tartlets, rhubarb streusel cake, rhubarb roulade, rhubarb napoleons, rhubarb poached in green tea with ginger, rhubarb creme brulee, pistachio rhubarb trifle, rhubarb-ginger compote... okay, okay, I got it all from epicurious. truth be told I've only ever made strawberry-rhubarb crisp, but I've been meaning to expand my rhubarb horizons any day now. btw, your cookies look great!

I love a lot of Martha's recipes. Some people (often people who don't cook) seem to dislike her on "principle", by which I mean "they're jealous because they can't cook".

Gemma, how adorable are they? I think your addition of lemon and chamomile tea is a brilliant idea - I'm glad you're in a green mode too :)

Uh oh, I don't know Jane. How about I just bake some cookies next time you are in town that we can enjoy together? I would love your mother's recipe. Thanks!

Hi Melissa, I had looked at a lot of those too. You're right, there is a lot out there, but none of those really tickled me when I read through them before. . . There is a TON of rhubarb though, so I bet in a week or two they will start to look really enticing! I missed the 'rhubarb poached in green tea and ginger' though. That sounds very interesting. Thanks for the suggestions!

Nic, thanks for the support! I agree with your assessment.

Keiko, thanks. I thought they turned out pretty cute too. The lemon and chamomile worked very well with the other flavors. I was pleased. I have yet to get my hands on some real matcha powder. There is a huge market out in the suburbs where I could buy some, but as of yet I haven't been able to goad a friend into driving me out there. Soon soon. . then everything will be green and tasty!

Well gosh - how would she know they were from the Martha Stewart website - unless she was VISITING HERSELF! DUN DUN DUN!


Very true Susan, very true. She was quite a weird lady. Everyone else at the cookie party was lovely. Especially one man who ate about half my cookies and would rave about them with every bite. I sure liked him. ;)

How about Green tea with choclate puddings. I came to know about this recipe from my bestest friend and it does taste so good :D

Hi Jeni, I haven't tried that. Do you have a recipe you could share? I would love to give it a taste.

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