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May 17, 2005


I'm glad you found Bennisons, I really like it there. I'm especially fond of their sour cream doughnuts which I think are only available on Tues. mornings (or maybe it's Thurs.) I'm also partial to their chocolate-cake doughnuts. Oh yeah, and the kuchen.

One small gripe: I would hardly consider Evanston to be the far outskirts (since it borders the city), nor would I consider it to be wealthy. It does have a couple wealthy neighborhoods, but it also has a huge depressed area and quite a bit of crime.

Mmmm.. Sour cream doughnuts sound lovely. I will have to time my next trip accordingly.

Fair enough concerning my opening lines. From what I have seen, Evanston seems quite a bit more wealthy than much of Chicago, but I don't live there, so I will cut that out.

'Outskirts' generally refers to 'away from the center' or 'border' but perhaps it would sound better if I removed the 'far.'

Sorry for the misunderstanding! Take care.

That brioche seems delicious, so I'm sorry to hear that the taste did not live up to it's looks! I agree, roasted peppers seem like a strange addition to a loaf; pockets of moist slippery things are not usually a craving. It seems so very hard to find a place that is able to produce that "fantasy" loaf or baguette.

Tara, I agree. It actually has been harder than I thought to find quality breads. This isn't to say we haven't found delicous breads, but nothing traditional perhaps. Nothing that makes me think, "damn, now that's a brioche." One day. . . Maybe I just have to go back to Paris. I was only there briefly, but I ate enough bread to last a few months while there, and I loved it.

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