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May 13, 2005


That sounds delicious, I think that I also will have to steel my mother's waffle iron (just as your mother she hasn't used it for years....) :-)

I've been on a huge waffle kick lately. Thanks for another great recipe to add to the list. The pairing looks really tempting!

Savory waffles paired with soup - what a perfect idea. I've been thinking about such pairings lately, and this never occured to me! What possibilites, some crème fraiche, a bit of smoked salmon ... lovely!

I've never owned a waffle iron but would like to make waffles. Do you know some MacGuyver moves to make them using materials I might find around the house? Like with empty beer cans and a blow dryer?

So many new sites to look at (and so many cute pets!)

Dagmar, stealing unused kitchen items is perfectly moral in my book. Nice site. Our rhubarb is coming up and I will have to give the Rhubarb Cornmeal Cake a try. That sounds excellent.

Jennifer, I am so glad to finally have a waffle iron. They are a great comfort food. Your dog is adorable. I look forward to reading through your site more.

Tara, the smoked salmon sounds like a lovely match. I am imagining sandwhiches made with the waffles as bread. . .
Welcome to the food blogging world. From the first few posts it is clear you are both an excellent cook and a great photographer. I am excited to see more as your blog grows!

Ms. Colleen, I think you should come over for breakfast some weekend morning and we can contemplate this question over some vegan waffles. You will have to bring the recipe and tell me what to buy though. For the record, I think a hair crimper from the 80's should be employed.

Hi Gemma - this really is gorgeous, thank you for sharing the recipe.

Thanks Keiko! It's tasty too!

Wow, I love the colors in the picture...the yellow, the green and violet, it looks really tasty!

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