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April 22, 2005


Oooh! I like that easy-step banana ice-cream. Will love it over the weekend. Thanks.

Gemma - I'm curious about this recipe, has it got crunch from the snaps? It sounds really tasty!

Dreska, I like your site. The drawings are great! Having a camera is super fun too though.

If I had had some on hand, I would have used real banana ice cream, but this was a good fix for being in a pinch. The banana works really well with the molasses snap flavors, however the banana ice cream as it ended up was really just a last minute thing. It worked out well and I might do it again in a pinch, but it was nothing I would rave about. . ;)

Hi Keiko, yes the snaps are super crunchy. They are baked flat and thin and then rolled into shapes while they are still warm. When they cool they become very crunchy. I sort of made this recipe of after reading other recipes. Here is a picture of a large bowl shaped brandy snap that might help you imagine them better (as my picture turned out a little crummy.) Traditionally they are made in the smaller form and wrapped around a wooden spoon handle to mold.

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