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April 16, 2005


These look terrific! I've made scones before but haven't ever experimented with a flavor combination such as sage, pine nut and pecorino. Usually I opt for something of a sweeter nature. Great idea and I'll be trying these sometime.

So pretty Gemma - recipe's bookmarked. And I know that feeling - in fact, I blame that feeling for a lot of my net-browsing time, heh!

Linda, I too usually tend towards the sweater variety, but the few occasions where I have made savory scones I am always pleased. What a versatile little baked good! I followed the link to your site, I'm new at this so it is nice to see more Chicago food blogs!

Zarah, thanks for you sweet comment. I don't know what I would fill a fair amount of my time with if I was unable to look at delicous pictures of food on the internet. How I love Google image search!

I just tried this, except with rosemary and ginger.

They turned out really good, but they're not as pretty as yours. In fact they're down right ugly. Won't stop me from eatin' them though.

Rosemary and ginger sounds like a great combination Paul. Thanks for trying them!

A note to others who might be interested in trying them: I really love a sweet/savory taste (as I note in my post) but upon reflection I might recommend to readers that they cut the sugar in half unless they know they too love this taste combination.

Oh Gemma I LOVED these! Used mozarella and parmesan instead of the pecorino, 'cause that's what I had handy - they were so delish, and even kept for 3 days and were still yummy! I always find scones to go dry so fast, but these didn't. Will definetly be a recipe I come back too, again and again!

I'm glad they worked well for you Zarah! Sorry about the sugar, I'm weird!

These look so fantastic. My husband adores scones, so this one will go in the box for next time he gets a scone's craving. Nice to hear they were still moist after 3 days! That's a handy feature in a scone.

hiya! i am just cruising through all the entries for DMBLGiT, you know, to scope out the competition and all *wink*

i love when savory things are made into sweet ot vice versa - your scones sound delicious and the picture is beautiful!

Let me know how they work out for you Lyn. I was quite pleased with them.

Sarah, I am glad someone else enjoys playing around with traditional savory/sweet tastes! I think it can yield some excellent flavors.

I just tried these with yogurt (inst. milk), spelt (inst. flour), and agave (inst. sugar), and they came out great!

Next time I think I'll put more cheese and more sage in... The pesto flavor comes through the most; overall though, these are nice, mild scones. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Thanks for the recipe!

You are very welcome Gabriel! I'm glad they worked out for you. I love this recipe and I definitely recommend playing around with the amounts of cheese, herbs, etc. to suit your taste.

comlimenti buono con lo yogurt

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