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April 28, 2005


Yes, I was definitely pleased to be full of beer and cheese and mustard and not left for dead somewhere.

The barrels are used for their lambics (you didn't listen to every minute of the audio tour, did you?). I believe that the two copper vessels were used for mashing and boiling, and that the fermenters were down below where we could not see them.

Amazingly enough, we were told that we were the first group ever to request multiple tastings. I thought people in Wisconsin loved beer. Lizzy, if you read this site, please explain.

If any of you find yourselves in Wisconsin, you should definitely pick up some New Glarus. It is among the best breweries in the US. The Spotted Cow, which seems to be their main beer, is not my favorite at all. Their lambics and their Sour Brown Ale are among my all time favorite beers.

How fun to read about your trip to New Glarus. I've been dying to go there ever since I tried their raspberry beer a couple of years ago.

It was a sad day when I had my last New Glarus Belgian Red from a tap (The Map Room) in Chicago.

I've got a bottle saved for emergencies, and I'm hoping it ages well.

John, I am glad you had fun. I definitely did.

Splatgirl, I agree, their raspberry lambic is superb and one of my favorites. Have you had their cranberry lambic? It is also great. I just saw your site. Your knitting is fabulous! I have tried my had at it but never got past making boring scarves.

Paul, the Map Room is one of my favorite places in Chicago! I may have bumped shoulders with you there. I don't know for sure, but I bet the Belgian ages well.

Hi Gemma - their logo is beautiful. We have a brewery in our town too and I was going to make a post about them. Their ales are excellent!

Hi Keiko
You should! I love hearing about small/local breweries. (My boyfriend brews at home, and he fantasizes about making it a more large-scale endeavor one day).

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