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April 18, 2005


wow....I just caught up with your blog and I'm jealous of all the cool stuff you've been doing. I've been really bad about updating my blog lately. School is just so damn busy now. 1 more week to go and then summer. I also envy you for the bakery you have in the neighborhood.

I like that picture of John a lot. It prompted me to go look for his beer reviews that used to be on his website, but alas, I could not find them! Do you know if they are still online somewhere?



Hi Sera, your life is definitely busier than mine at the moment. I wish I was getting a summer this year though! Hopefully you will have some free time then to relax.

I'm not sure where his beer reviews went Evan. I just looked and could not find them either. I will ask him tonight and let you know. I like that picture too. As I was taking it someone commented that it was going to look trashy, but I think it turned out nicely. He looks so happy. (As he should be, that was super tasty beer he made).

hey, where are you guys getting the seeds or baby plants to grow? Or are you doing some kind of tricksy growing from the actual vegetable? I've been wanting to plant some basil and cilantro, and I can't find plants/seeds in HP for the life of me.

Kasia, Ben goes to a gardening store on the Northside. I don't have the name but I am sure he could give you more information about it next time you see him.

We are planting from seeds, though some plants are being started in the greenhouse. We didn't plant cilantro, but we will have two interesting kinds of basil and Jack (Ben's father) has planted a massive plot entirely full of basil. Point being, we can probably hook you up.

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