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April 24, 2005


Hey Gemma, those look tasty! Was the Cheese and Fireworks store near Beloit per chance? I think I remember seeing something along those lines when visiting Sarah last summer. It had some giant mouse on the front and I think it was holding cheese and fireworks... I always thought it was kind of goofy.

I was hoping someone would do cheese! I love that cow! He's adorable. What an excellent way to begin a cheese hosting. Now just invite a few friends over and get to it!

Evan, yes it was. We were having difficulty determining exactly what the mouse was holding in its right hand. We eventually decided on sausage, but you might be right. It was quite a place. We even found a pabst beer bottle and a football shaped sausages! Oh, Wisconsin.

Chronicler, we also bought tons of mustard and beer(to be posted about soon). We will have to have a gathering at our house quite soon as I doubt the four of us will be able to consume all of that cheese. I just looked at your site and the tangerine sorbet looks excellent!

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