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April 11, 2005


On our site you can find other georgian cusine recipes


Thanks Nukri!

" was, however, unable to find further information on this type of oven with a brief Googling"

try to google TONE, this is more correct spelling for the oven))

Here it is:
just google
"Tone bread Georgia"
it will give you some information.

Great, thanks anonymous. That explains it.

The tone oven is actually the same as the tandoor in India and Persia. It is also used in Central Asia. The tone was probably importend into Georgia during the Persian rule and has become a big part of the Georgian cuisine.

I love this bakery and eat here at least three times a week--they even know what my regular is and gave me free bread yesterday!

Oh! And I notice you didn't have any Lobiani, their best dish by far. The Hachapuri is wonderful and tasty, but the Lobiani is what I get every day--filled with kidney beans, garlic, and cilantro--it's spicy, hearty, and decadent.

Hi Sarah B, I'm jealous that you able to visit Argo so frequently! I doubt you will be able to persuade me to replace my hachapuri, but I will definitely try the Lobiani next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

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