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March 05, 2005


Yes, looks good...and very happy too. Nothing compares to a happy sourdough starter :) Love it!

Thanks Melissa. It is a pleasure to have a happy starter. All cooking is a creative process, but watching something actually grow is amazing and quite rewarding.

You have have very neat site, I like it!


How did it work. I'm trying to find somone that has the different stages of starter online.
So far I am winging it .. I just need someone that can confirm what my starter should look like... ;)


Vito, if you follow the link in my post to the eGullet forums you will find the closest thing to a step-by-step guide to sourdough as I have found. Good luck! If it smells off or it becomes discolored (orange-ish, usually), try to spoon off and discard the bad stuff and refresh the starter. Hopefully the good bacterias will take over again. If this doesn't work after the first try, it is generally best to throw out the starter and begin again.

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