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March 28, 2005


My grandma is Greek, and she makes this bread for Easter sometimes. It is very good. She uses a special Greek dye for the eggs so that they stay an extremely bright red-red, and don't leak into the bread at all. Next time I talk with her (probably today, actually...), I'll ask her what she uses.

That would be great to know what she uses, thanks. I figured there was probably a special dye once I saw my finished product. It would certainly be a bit more aesthetically pleasing to use one. While festive, perhaps, pink bread wasn't all that appetizing. Luckily only a tiny bit turned though.

Your pink eggs remind me of the one traditional Polish thing I make every Easter - dyed red eggs. They're dyed by being cooked with onion skins. It doesn't affect the flavor at all. Actually, you probably don't even need to cook them with the onion skins; it might be enough just to let them sit overnight in some water with the onion skins. Anyway, it might rub off less?
There is something unsettling about pink bread.

I've never heard of this. I will have to try it, thanks for the advice. Yes, pink bread is sketchy, though my grandma thought it was pretty.

I don't know, the bread looks very beautiful to me! We would be thrilled if you brought some to our Easter dinner -- pink eggs, red eggs or not. Fabulous. Thanks for the wonderful inspirateion. --Joy

Thanks for your kind words Joy. You should give it a try for your dinner next year. Perhaps by then I will have some advice on the bleeding egg problem. Kasia's suggestion of using onion skins seems the most promising thus far, though I haven't tried it.

Most Greek groceries will, around Orthodox Easter time, have special extra-strong dye so that your tsoureki eggs will get really bright red.

The bleeding problem is as far as I can tell a little more insoluble(they'll at least look like the right color to be bleeding, though!)...presumably everyone's Greek gramma has some sort of voodoo power to keep the dye from bleeding, I've never been able to do it but my yiayia just smiles when I ask her and says, "you just have to be a little careful, Eleni!"

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