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September 02, 2010


i love the photos in this post!

I'm so glad that you are getting settled in. I just started classes this week and to say I feel a little out of my league is an understatement. I forgot what its like to get jitters about assignments and papers. But I will hopefully get used to it with time. I'm incredibly jealous that you have a whole house and a fully functional kitchen! What I would give for a stove/oven!!

granola got me through many rough times during graduate school as well. i like the maple-pumpkin spice idea, and will have to try as soon as the current coconut-honey version is eaten!

and it looks like you're already following this advice, but definitely get out to explore. you'll be glad you did, especially when something totally unexpected presents itself.



Looks like the perfect pre-autumn treat. :) Thanks for sharing.

Oh! And I love a good farmers market. You best hit it up before summer winds down and the cool air has moved in. Farmers market season never lasts long enough in the Midwest!

I came across your blog searching for Chicago food bloggers. I just moved to Chicago to start medical school, so I guess that in some ways we may be sharing some new experiences with new schools - maybe we will share the same appetite, too :)

I almost always have a jar full of homemade granola around for breakfast or a snack. This was probably the best I have every made. Thanks for the recipe!

you make granola, go to the berkeley bowl, have a blog, and are a grad student in champaign?
um, want to be friends?
i grew up in berkeley (raised on granola, of course) and am a grad student in english at the u of i. and incidentally, i also have a blog (definitely not as cool, nor as scrumptious). i don't want to be a creepster, but if you ever need the company of a coffee date, shoot me an email!

so glad you're back--I missed you!

I love granola. Your recipe looks pretty easy.

I was wondering, is the background for your jar your countertop? It looks really neat.

Lovely post. I used to play with Granola when I was a teenager, tried different recipes with it. Thanks for sharing this one. If you wont mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your post. Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post so it will appear in the Foodista pages and it's all set, Thanks!

Thank you Irene! Very flattering coming from someone with truly wonderful photos.

Amanda, I hope things are getting of to a great start for you. I admit, I love having a full kitchen, but I bet there are more reasons to leave the house where you are!

Thanks Heather! I have been enjoying roaming around. New things are always exciting, if a bit scary.

You're right Erin, I'm already fretting about the arrival of November 6th when the market shuts down. Jealous of your year-round produce!

Hello Lisa, that is very flattering, I am so glad you enjoyed it! Best of luck to you in Chicago and with medical school. It is a wonderful town and I hope you enjoy it!

Hello Tania, that is fantastic! I would love to get coffee. I will email you.

Thanks Nistha!

Hello Jessica. I love the pattern too. It is actually the floor in the breezeway between our garage and the main house. I thought it looked so lovely in the sunshine.

Thanks Christine. I'll look into this when I have a moment.

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